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Research Paper Format

Format for Research Paper Outline


The following is a formal outline format for an M.L.A. Document - Style Research based paper containing 3 (or more) chapters. Also may be used for 5-Paragraph  Research Essays.


                                         Title of Paper (No Punctuation)

  1. *Thesis Paragraphs (containing topic and introduction to the 3 Reasons Supporting your thesis)
  1. Reason #1 (good reason) (Chapter #1)
  2. Reason #2 (better reason) (Chapter #2)
  3. Reason #3 (best reason) (Chapter #3)


CCS(Concluding Statement which finishes your introductions to your paper’s topic/subject matter).


  1. A. Title of Chapter#1 (First Reason) (No Punctuation)(Boldface Optional) (Left Justified/ Not Centered)
    1. Example #1 Thesis Statement (good reason)
      1. Research/Article Title/ Author
      2. Research/Article Title/Author
      3. Example #2 Thesis Statement
        1. Research/Article Title/Author
        2. Research/Article Title/Author

                    CCS (Conclude your thoughts concerning your first reason)

  1. B. Title of Chapter#2  (Second Reason) (No Punctuation)(Boldface Optional)(Left Justified/Not Centered)
    1. Example #1 Thesis Statement (better reason)
      1. Research/Article Title/Author
      2. Research/ Article Title/ Author
      3. Example #2 Thesis Statement
        1. Research/ Article Title/ Author
        2. Research/ Article Title/Author

                  CCS (Conclude your thoughts concerning your second reason)

  1. C. Title of Chapter #3 (Third Reason) (No Punctuation) (Boldface Optional) (Left Justified/ Not Centered)
    1. Example #1 Thesis Statement (best reason)
      1. Research /Article Title /Author
      2. Research /Article Title /Author
      3. *Research /Article Title /Author

*(since this reason is best, a third example to support your best reason should appear)

                                2. Example #2 Thesis Statement

                                    a. Research / Article Title / Author

                                    b. Research/Article Title/ Author

                                    c. Research / Article Title/Author

                                 *3. Additional Example(s) needed for best reason.

             CCS (Conclude your thoughts concerning your third and final Reason)

  1. Thesis for Conclusion
    1. “Revisit the nature” of your first reason (do not repeat)
    2. “Revisit the nature” of your second reason (do not repeat)
    3. “Revisit the nature” of your third reason (do not repeat)

                  CCS: Conclude this paragraph and paper for that matter, with a couple of theoretical observations regarding your paper’s essence. Avoid personalizing or using personal pronouns (such as “I feel or I have found” here to “voice your findings” on the subject matter you’ve discovered along the road of research) End your paper more/most meaningfully and theoretically.

Remember, this is not just an “outline” for an outline; it’s a “map” of what/how the paper should read! More than 2 or 3 examples may/should be considered within each chapter that you compose. Good Luck!

Directions for The Research In-class Exam: Along with the above, **outline (completed at home and brought to class the day of the exam), students should engage in a 5-6 paragraph essay containing 3 or more Scholarly Journal Entries/Primary Articles embedded in their essays(where appropriate), while answering the question, or entertaining the prompt, that they have chosen of the 3 topics offered. (See attached)

**Students may use the Research Paper Outline for their Research Exam Outline, as well, substituting the “Chapters (3)” for 3 Body Paragraphs. A works Cited Page is necessary for both assignments and by design becomes 15% of each.



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