AM Salesian

Moderator: Mr. Kevin Dwyer

“AM Salesian” is an activity that offers students a chance to gain experience in TV/Video production and editing. We are one of the most visible of all the clubs at Salesian because we produce the daily morning broadcast of prayers, announcements and other regular features for the entire school during homeroom period.

Art Club
Backyard Games

Moderator: Mr. Anthony Piro

Salesian High School’s has a Ping Pong Club that meets on Mondays after school running until 3:30 to 4 p.m. depending on the number of students. The ping pong tables will be set up in the student lobby and out front depending on the weather. The club is open to anyone who is looking to have fun and learn how to play ping pong. 

Chess Team

Head Coach/Teacher: Mr. Nicholas Federico
Moderators: Mr. Federico & Mr. Ripka
Salesian High School Chess Club
Grades 9-12
Meetings: Wednesday (All Year: September-June)
Location: Library
The Salesian High School Chess Club has weekly Wednesday meetings throughout the academic year. The club utilizes the library as a place for new students to learn the game and experts to practice and further develop their skills. The club often has tournaments against other Catholic high schools in the winter or early spring. The club has a very wide variety of participants, ranging from beginners all the way to nationally ranked players.


Moderator: Mr. Luke Iovenetti

The Salesian Players are a talented group of student performers from our school, as well as neighboring all-girl high schools.
Students who are interested in the performing arts, including singing, dancing, acting, and/or stage crew are welcome. Currently, their main event is the annual musical that occurs in the spring. For more information, please check our website: salesianplayers.weebly.com


Moderators: Mr. John Celzo, Thomas Siefring

E-Sports is a video game club that gives students the opportunity to form new friendships and interact with others. E-Sports is held every Wednesday.

History Club

Moderator: Richard Raggo
We are a chartered member of the National History Club which is headquartered in Boston. Student members of the Salesian History Club are invited to go on trips of historic locations and museums. At our club meetings, students participate in presenting power points and oral presentations on areas of their interest in American history and culture. It is anticipated that we will be part of a History/Social Studies Honors Society this year and that members will partly fulfill requirements of being a scholar by being a member of our club.


Moderator: Mr. Kevin Dwyer
The Improv Club meets on Fridays from 3-4:30 p.m. Salesian’s unique improv group, CIA (where the I stands for Improv, the A stands for Association, and no one’s really sure what the C stands for) gets together to play improv games like those seen on the popular TV show Whose Line is it Anyway? We are a welcoming group of overactive students and teachers that do our best to make each other laugh at the end of a hectic week. Any and all are encouraged to watch or participate whenever they can.

JoJo Club

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Club is a club about the anime/manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, which tells the story of the Joestar family, whose various members discover they are destined to take down supernatural foes using unique powers that they possess. The manga is split up into 8 unique parts, each following the story of one member of the Joestar family. Each week, we watch one episode from each of the five television series of JoJo and critically analyze the characters and storyline, debating over unique criticisms and theories. If time allows, we also play JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure the video game. The purpose of the club is for students to bond over a common interest, and to intrigue new members to expand their interest to the show. The club runs every Monday (unless specified otherwise) from 3-6 pm. Members are not required to stay the full time. All are invited to join at their convenience, and leave as they please.

Literary Magazine

Mr. Andrew Marinaccio, ’09

Grigio is Salesian High School’s latest student-produced literary magazine. It features short stories, poems, and visual art created by our community. As a club, it offers students a chance to hone their creative voices and collaborate with their peers and teachers to craft new stories, be they high-fantasy sagas or reflective, non-fiction essays. Now in its third year, Grigio hopes to continue expanding as a multimedia publication, hosting student readings after school and recording spoken word versions of the stories its pages hold. 

Music Ministry

Moderator: Mr. George Janvier

Music ministry is made up the school’s choir and our musicians for Mass band. The choir and Mass band meet regularly to practice songs that help animate the Mass and elevate the experience. The choir and Mass band sing and play all types of music from gospel to praise and worship and much, much more. Music ministry is wonderful way to hone your music skills and have a great time after school. Remember “When you sing, you pray twice”


Moderator: Mr. Gregory Bruno


Paws for Peace



Politics Club

Moderators: Mr. Federico

Salesian High School’s Politics Club is open for grades 9-12 and meets on Mondays from September to June. in Room 408. The Salesian High Schools Politics Club has weekly meetings to discuss and debate current events history and political opinions. Members represent all major political parties and develop critical thinking, research and debate skills. Students also plan to attend trips to the offices of local politicians and learn about the political process directly from them.

Savio Club

Moderator: Br. Bernie Dube, SDB

Sports Broadcasting

Moderator: Mr. Kevin Dwyer

The Sports Broadcasting Club meets on Thursdays from 3-3:45 p.m. Members of Sports Broadcasting develop their communication skills and broadcast live streamed Salesian sports home games during the season, learning the skills and techniques necessary to be a play-by-play and color commentator. In addition, workshops are offered throughout the year by local sports broadcasters and commentators that visit the school to provide their own expertise and personal tips from working in the field. Members of the group also record a weekly podcast, The SHS Sports Podcast, where students comment on and debate Salesian and worldwide sports.

Ultimate Frisbee

Moderator: Mr. Anthony Piro

The Ultimate Frisbee Club is open to all Salesian High students.That means freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, if you are looking for an extra-curricular activity, Ultimate Frisbee is the club for you. To all incoming freshmen, you’re probably trying to figure out where you will fit in and what activities you should join. Come to Ultimate Frisbee Club and see if it’s for you. To all sophomores, juniors and seniors, we look forward to seeing you again. There will be an announcement before days that we meet, so listen up in the morning. If you see us playing on the side field, please feel free to join in. We’re always looking for new members. See you all on the field!

Yearbook Club

Moderator: Mr. Chris Beal & Mr. Michael Manning 

A home, a school, a parish and a playground.


148 East Main Street
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Salesian High School is proud to be a part of the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of New York.


148 East Main Street
New Rochelle, NY 10801
Phone: (914) 632-0248
Email: info@salesianhigh.org

Salesian High School is proud to be a part of the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of New York.

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