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Dress Code

DRESS CODE 2017-2018


♦      9th, 10th & 11th Grades: Salesian High School students must come to school dressed in a Salesian Uniform Shirt (purchased only from the SHS apparel store). For the 2016-17 Academic Year the students may wear either the GRAY Salesian polo or the NAVY BLUE Salesian UnderArmour polo.  These shirts must always be “tucked” into the pants.  Undershirts, when worn, must be properly fitted, solid white, with no design or lettering.

♦      For all grades: During cool- weather months, October 15th – April 15th, students must wear either the long sleeve gray Salesian polo or the short sleeve polo with the Salesian sweater or Salesian UnderAmour pullover. ( NO OTHER SWEATER OR PULLOVER IS ALLOWED)

♦      9th, 10th, & 11th Grades: Only one style Gray suit style dress slacks that must be purchased at Liebman’s, 510 Main Street, New Rochelle.  Dress slacks must always be clean, properly fitted and worn with a belt in a proper fashion at the waist.  The length should not exceed the top of the shoes.

♦      Senior Class Dress Code will include the shirt designed by members of the senior class (purchased only from SHS) and Khaki dress pants which must be purchased at Liebman’s in New Rochelle.

♦      Proper dress socks.

♦      Black or Brown leather shoes (no sneakers, boots, diesel style shoes).  For safety purposes, sandals should never be worn at Salesian High School.




Special Event Dress Code:  On certain announced public occasions, all students will be required to wear a solid light blue Dress Shirt (oxford style) along with a tie and required uniform slacks, shoes, and socks. The tie must be tasteful and worn high with the top button of the shirt closed.  In cool weather a Salesian Sweater worn over the blue shirt and tie will be appropriate.  Salesian ties are available in the apparel store.

PLEASE NOTE:  Students who come to school in unacceptable attire will receive a Dress-code detention.  A second infraction will result in a one-hour detention.  Repeated dress code violations may result in parents being summoned to school. Continued non-compliance will result in a suspension.

GROOMING.  It is an expectation that our young men look presentable and neat.  For this reason, the following dress code points apply:

a)    Earrings, tongue rings or similar, visible chains, necklaces, “colors” or other such jewelry or garment wear is not to be worn.

b)    Visible tattoos are not permitted.

c)    Students are expected to be clean-shaven.  Facial hair or long sideburns (below the earlobe) are not permitted. Please refer to the Parent/Student Manual for a fuller description of permitted hairstyles.

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