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All New Procedure For Purchasing Textbooks in 2017-2018!

For the 2017-2018 school year, Salesian High School will be changing the way parents purchase school books for their sons.  New York State loans many hardcover textbooks to students.  Students receive these textbooks in September and must return them in June.  However, parents are responsible for buying the workbooks and eTextbooks their sons will use.

In the past, the web page to purchase and pay for workbooks and eTextbooks was found on the Salesian High School web site.  The items you bought were delivered to students’ lockers here at school.

This year, the EdTech Company will be handling the sale of workbooks and eTextbooks for Salesian High School.  Parents will go to the ShelfIt web site ( – the same web site students used this year for their eTextbooks) to purchase their sons' eTextbooks and workbooks.  Each student’s ShelfIt page is based on his schedule for next year; parents must purchase everything listed there for their sons.

After a parent adds the eTextbooks and workbooks to their son's cart and pays with a credit card, the workbooks will be mailed to the student's home and the eTextbooks will be ready for him to log on and use.

Students will use their Salesian High email address (for example, and their ID number (for example, 05819) to log on to ShelfIt.  Detailed directions will be sent to all Salesian High families in early August.  New freshmen will also be sent their new Salesian High email address and ID number.

The ShelfIt web site will be open for your purchases in early August.  Parents must remember not to wait for the last minute to purchase workbooks and eTextbooks on the ShelfIt web site since parents will want their sons' books to arrive at their homes for the beginning of school.

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